I will make your health copywriting go the distance

Let’s whip your website into shape

I’m no marathon runner, but I will make your copy go the distance

I was about 500 meters into the Year 8 cross-country race when I realised I wasn’t going to finish…

I didn’t learn. Every year, I’d start off strong but get to the first bend and be completely spent.

Maybe that’s how you feel about your sales funnels or your website.

Every year, you start off with grand plans to do things differently, but then it comes to the first hurdle and you’ve run out of puff. You don’t know how to continue, so you give up.

Until next year…

How about we change your game plan?

It’s an exciting time to have a health or wellness business…

But it can be tough to know how to build an online presence and make the most of your website and email marketing.

You want your copy to bring in a stream of great customers, while also keeping the regulators happy.

You want someone who understands your business and the complex challenges you face, to sort it all out for you.

I get it and I’m here to help.

I work with business owners from around the world who are changing lives but need some guidance when it comes to selling their expertise online.

Why work with me

Working with me means you’ll have direct access to a professional communicator with more than a decade of experience writing about health and wellness.

  • As a copywriter, I know how to use words to engage your ideal customers, build trust, and sell your products and services
  • As a former journalist, I know how to ask all the right questions to get to the bottom of your brand
  • My experience in public relations means I know how to make you stand out in the crowd with credibility and conviction

While you’re busy transforming lives, I’ll be immersing myself in your business to understand your goals and your customers as well as you do.

Together, we’ll work on something that’ll take your business to the next level

Imagine what would be possible if your website and sales funnels worked FOR you instead of being those niggling ‘to-dos’ that keep you up at night…

Health writer and SEO content

Sophia’s understanding of writing health content for the web to maximise SEO was invaluable. Over the course of four months, our website traffic doubled and continues to grow each month. I like that Sophia will take the time to ensure I understand her recommendations and rationale for particular strategies. She is proactive, easy to work with and will talk to IT for me! She makes my life easier.

— Maria Padua, All About Acne

What I write about

Health and wellness copywriting covers a huge range of products, services and programs. Here are just a few of the things I’ve written about:

  • Fertility and reproductive health
  • Acne and skin care
  • Lab testing
  • Specialities such as cardiology and endocrinology
  • Fitness programs
  • Health coaching
  • Health and fitness technology

Fun facts about me

I never did get any better at running. I prefer yoga and briskly walking my hyperactive golden retriever while trying to take my equally energetic small children to the park.

  • The road to health copywriting has involved many twists and turns for me. I’ve lived in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne, and now call the Gold Coast home.
  • A print journalist by trade, I started out as a cadet reporter in Bundaberg (where the rum is from) before moving to steaming hot Far North Queensland – where you’re never far from a killer jellyfish, crocodile, or deadly snake
  • One of my former roles involved writing fact sheets about penis problems. And, I was highly commended by the Public Relations Institute for a national men’s health campaign I worked on called Talk about your tackle.

  • In 2014, I helped launch a fully-equipped mobile cardiology practice (set up in a huge semi-trailer), which travels the roads of the Australian outback to give people in remote areas access to specialist care.
  • One of my greatest loves in life is learning. I’ve studied journalism, politics, psychology, law, and even natural medicine. I believe life is a constant quest for knowledge, so I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing, SEO skills, and understanding of all things digital.
  • I love drinking green smoothies and green tea – but hold the Matcha powder, please!

A few healthy brands I’ve worked with

Corio Dance Fitness sales funnel copywriting
heart of australia health copywriting
Mint Health copywriting and content strategy
Health copywriting for Dr Nat Kringoudis
Your Lab Work health and wellness copywriting
All About Acne SEO copywriting